Horn objects by Auböck – Use and Care Instructions

Dear customers,

Modern times have to fulfil the great task of relearning the basic techniques of maintaining and using natural materials like leather, wood and horn. In the following, we list a number of important details of use to keep your horn products in good shape and their use for many years – Horn is sensible to extreme heat, frost, arid and damp atmosphere. We are delighted that you have chosen an object from our collection. We would like to inform you that our high-quality materials such as wood, horn and leather may change their color as a result of exposure to sunlight, humidity and air. This is not a quality defect but much more a normal characteristic of natural materials. Climatic extremes might lead to deterioration of the surface and then of the structure of the material. Horn is very alike human hair material and should always be treated equally. Polished new and real horn has a distinctive odor that is volatile and disappears with use after a short time. The horn material used for our horn products is sourced from various countries all over the world – the material used is never a hunting trophy but always a natural byproduct of agriculture. Horn has a long tradition in man’s artifacts, reaching back a few thousand years.

Hints for use and maintenance:

- Never leave your horn items next to the bathroom sink or on wet surfaces.

- Never put the horn products / objects in the dishwasher or washing machine.

- After using your horn products with hair treatments or water, gently wipe them dry with a soft cloth or cosmetic wipes.

- Never leave horn on radiators, near stoves or in bright sunlight.

- Don´t expose the horn products to extreme frost.

- Horn has a basic elasticity but might break when forced through hair or dent / break when dropped on a hard surface.

- The polished surface can be repolished by treatment with almond oil or other pure organic plant based oils (sunflower oil, coconut oil…).
Good fatty acids sustain gloss and protect the surface. A surplus should be removed with a soft cloth after treatment soon.

We truly hope you enjoy being surrounded by our objects.

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